About Us

NFS-Services was founded in 2013 and have since grown into a company well known for excellent conservation related services.

The Companies directors are: Mrs MV Setshekgamolo, Mr PJ Thoka and Mr CJJ Swanepoel



Provide excellent Environmental and Safety related services and to transfer skills, knowledge, innovation and creativity to people of all backgrounds through holistic development, in order to equip them to further develop themselves and empower them to achieve great heights in Agriculture and Conservation fields.


We strive to be a leader in Environmental and Conservation Management as well as in a practical career-orientated education and training field within the Agriculture and Conservation sectors on all levels to equip anyone in these fields with the required knowledge and skills, in order to achieve upliftment of people with little or no education and further develop these and other interested parties in Agriculture and Conservation to meet the growing economic and social demands in South Africa.

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In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.

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